Dan The Editor Man Editorial Services

Writing, Editing, and More!

Dan Olawski, a.k.a. Dan The Editor Man, has twenty years experience in the editorial, publishing, and Web content industries. Dan believes we all have something important to say (whether that be for business, personal, or general reasons) and that the words we use to express those ideas should be the most appropriate, grammatically correct choices we make. If you have something you need to communicate via print, online, or orally, and you can't get the words just right...think of Dan as your sentence fixer-upper!

Dan is a pro and can handle projects of all sizes and complexities. Whether you have something as simple as a tweet, or as detailed as a five-hundred-page novel, Dan's your man!

Who do you call when you need a door or window fixed? A handyman, right? Well, when you need your words fixed, remember Dan The Editor Man for all your editorial needs (writing, editing, proofreading, & more). He's like a handyman for your words!

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